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Insulation Removal & Replacement in the DFW Area

New insulation can be installed on top of old insulation in some cases, but there are times when insulation should be removed. An insulation professional will be able to assess your insulation and determine whether or not it needs to be completely replaced. But in general, insulation needs to be removed when it is:

  • Infested by rodents: Mice and other rodents can chew through insulation, which can reduce its overall efficiency. These small creatures can also carry disease and leave droppings behind in the insulated areas of your home.

  • Damp or wet: Damp insulation can also hinder its ability to perform its basic functions. When insulation becomes wet, you have an increased chance of developing water damage and mold in parts of your home.

  • Damaged by fire or anything else: Of course, fire is going to call for insulation removal services. Charred or burnt insulation won’t effectively keep warm air inside your home during cold months or the opposite during warmer seasons.


Also, according to ENERGY STAR®, any vermiculite insulation should be tested and professionally removed. If insulation is damaged, it won’t be as effective at stopping heat transfer and maximizing the energy efficiency and comfort of your home or building.

Insulation removal requires the same attention to detail as adding new insulation to an existing home, and we provide this expertise for every single job. When doing removing insulation, the Marshall Insulation team uses equipment designed to contain the product and collects the old insulation into a holding container outside the home.

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